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Guitar Maker And Repairman
About Flip
in the early 1970’s
my parents brought a Spanish guitar back from a trip to Tenerife. The gift of the guitar surprised me, since I don’t remember wanting to play guitar. All I did at the time was draw cartoons, copying things I saw in MAD magazine that struck my funny bone. I started playing mostly classical guitar repertoire, since that was what my teacher taught.
Mandolin Brothers Workbench Staten Island, New York 1990 Photo by Gene Lowinger
Still frame from “Talking Guitars”. A film by Claire Pijman 2007.
Closeup of blueprints with neck of convertible guitar crafted for Mary Halvorson 2014

I cannot imagine doing any work on my guitars without Flip's participation or supervision. A wonderful guitar maker and craftsman.

Paul Simon

Flip treats every guitar with respect like they are works of art, and when he makes a guitar for you, it is a work of art.

Edie Brickell

So remember.....if you need an instrument fixed or repaired in the NY area or anywhere around the globe.....good luck!

True Craftsmanship
I did learn certain
things during the time
repairing and restoring the unusually large and varied Guild guitar line proved to be an immeasurable source of knowledge about all things guitar. I worked at the Rhode Island factory for a few years, while making the acquaintance of renown luthiers Mark Lacey and Kim Walker, who were respectively the head of R&D and manager of final assembly and both responsible for building a number of prototypes. I also was lucky enough to meet and work for a number of artists playing Guilds, among them Richie Havens, Rick Danko and Livingston Taylor, the latter being the first major American artist who commissioned me to make him…
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Talking Guitars
a film by Claire Pijman
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touch with Flip
We enjoy having visitors come by for a cup of tea and conversation about arcane guitar facts, British humor, cars,music, food, etc. Please contact Flip to find out when a convenient time might be. If using the form please allow at least 48hrs for reply. We'll be glad to answer all questions.